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Disastrous Effects Avoided

November 02, 2012

In our 17 years in business, SequelMed has never seen a natural disaster like Hurricane Sandy. Despite the effects incurred, SequelMed clients never missed a beat! Not one experienced interrupted service or the inability to access their data. SequelMed’s data center powered on, while many data centers are still to this day battling back from the power outages and heavy flooding.

In the midst and wake of the storm that ravaged the Northeast, the secure data center that houses SequelMed’s strategic computer data never lost power. With the surrounding devastation caused by the storm, SequelMed had the proper precautions and safeguards in place to ensure that clients would not lose connectivity. “We are proud to say that there was 100 percent uptime the entire time for cloud-based clients. Power audits and assessments were conducted so that power availability and equipment reliability would remain constant.” said Khurshid Mughal, SequelMed’s President.

While cloud-based clients were incredibly understanding of the possibility for potential downtime that was dependent upon the severity of the storm, SequelMed’s stable infrastructure helped exceed their expectations. Support continued to be available around the clock as did access to the EHR – never was service intermittent or inaccessible. Our superior service did not go unnoticed. Below are some kind words from SequelMed clients which we would like to share with you:

  • Rick Schnitzer, Chief Financial Officer – Guam Radiology Consultants - “Being that our practice is literally on the other side of the world; we had to be strategic in locating a vendor that could host our data. Knowing that SequelMed guards against natural disasters reassured us that when Hurricane Sandy was raging along the coast of the United States, our practice and interface were going to remain status quo. That pertinent fact allowed us to maintain the increased level of productivity and efficiency since our recent adoption of SequelMed.”
  • David Levins, Vice President – Professional Billing Inc. - “When Hurricane Sandy was approaching the East Coast; we were concerned what the impact might mean for our clients that depend on the availability of their Cloud-Based SequelMed EMR. In the end, none of our clients experienced any down-time, even in the midst of the storm, which was very reassuring. SequelMed made certain that all disaster recovery measures were in place to ensure that their cloud-based clients never lost connectivity. That says a lot about SequelMed's preparedness and their commitment to providing a high level of service to their clients.”
  • Shawn Sundberg, Chief Operating Officer – MediSERV - “During Hurricane Sandy, MediSERV, a Northern Idaho based SequelMed client was wondering how much of an impact our business some 2,500 miles away would have. SequelMed houses and maintains our server in the northeast, so when Sandy devastated the east coast we were pleased and surprised to note that we had absolutely no disruptions in service. We were even able to speak with support the day after the storm hit. We pray that the east coast has a fast recovery and thank SequelMed for keeping the effects of Hurricane Sandy out of Northern Idaho!”

SequelMed understands how critical connectivity is to our clients, so we ensure that our team is available 24x7 and is ready to be of assistance, even when disaster strikes. To those clients who may still be affected by the storm’s devastation, SequelMed expresses our sincerest sympathy and well wishes.

Best Regards,
The SequelMed Team

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