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Sequel Systems partners with Beacon IPA

March 30, 2011

Melville, NY – March 30, 2011 – Sequel Systems, Inc. is pleased to announce a partnership agreement with Beacon IPA, LLC. This partnership will offer an exciting new benefit to the hundreds of physicians in Beacon IPA’s rapidly growing membership. Sequel Systems will be helping the IPA physicians to implement world class Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and Practice Management (PM) software in their practices moving the IPA closer to its goal of clinical integration.

Founded in the summer of 2010, Beacon IPA, LLC, is a grass roots physician-owned and -governed organization, headquartered in Manhasset, NY and licensed in the State of New York.

Beacon IPA is committed to becoming a clinically integrated physician network and a recognized leader in implementing comprehensive care management programs and provider reimbursement models tied to quality measures and patient outcomes. At the same time they provide independent private practice physicians with the means to endure the challenges of healthcare reform, mitigate administrative costs, and maintain their autonomy, while complying with increased regulation.

Sequel Systems’ partnership with Beacon IPA leverages the strengths of both organizations and will help providers meet the critical challenge of simplifying complex healthcare IT needs and ensures that accurate and timely access to patient information is achieved. The partnership grants members of the IPA access to exclusive discounts on SequelMed EMR and EMR + PM to help make their practices thrive and increase efficiencies.

”The partnership with Beacon IPA marks an important step in the continued growth and expansion of Sequel Systems, Inc.” said Khurshid Mughal, CEO and President of Sequel Systems. “We look forward to delivering Beacon IPA provider members a one-stop, comprehensive solution that can enable them to meet the criteria for Stage 1 Meaningful Use.”

The decision for Beacon IPA to partner with Sequel Systems was reached after exploring a number of systems. “Since the selection of software is a multi-faceted decision, Beacon IPA felt that a partnership with Sequel Systems brought to the table a gain in efficiencies and reduction in costs that was unparalleled,” said Dr. Simon Prince, CEO and President of Beacon IPA. “Sequel Systems provides a level of careful planning and execution of an implementation plan that increases the overall success of the EMR system in achieving the IPA’s goals of clinical integration. Furthermore, the positive economic impact to our membership was quite attractive. This partnership will shorten the time in which IPA physicians will see a quantifiable return on their IT investment.

Sequel Systems guarantees that as part of the Training and Implementation, providers will be prepared to achieve Meaningful Use and qualify to get stimulus incentive payments of up to $44,000 for Medicare and up to $63,750 for Medicaid, per provider.

SequelMed EMR version 8 is 2011/2012 Meaningful Use compliant in accordance with the criteria adopted by the Secretary of Health and Human Services. The certification deems the Electronic Medical Record software capable of enabling providers to meet the Stage 1 meaningful use measures required to qualify for incentive payments under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA).

In addition to the monetary incentives, the adoption of SequelMed EMR can improve quality of care, advance patient safety, increase customer satisfaction and enhance office efficiency for physician practices. Facilities and practices using a certified EMR may also experience increased profitability through reduced costs and increased revenue.

For more information on SequelMed and its discount for Beacon IPA members, please call Jonathan Goldstein at 516.570.3580 or Chris Klemballa at SequelMed at 631.694.3600.

Amanda Leitl-Scanlan
Sequel Systems, Inc.

About Beacon IPA
Beacon IPA is a grass roots physician-owned and -governed organization founded in 2010 which looks to become a recognized leader in implementing comprehensive care management programs, pay-for-performance and provider reimbursement models tied to quality measures and patient outcomes. Beacon IPA is committed to becoming a clinically integrated physician network that enhances the viability and sustainability of independent private practice physicians in the New York metropolitan area. For more information about Beacon IPA, visit

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